Parents of children registered at SNAP Academy can apply for bursaries to support the school fees of their children. The allocation of bursaries will be subject to availability of funds, and application of the parents.

Parent Involvement Programme

This is the process for Bursary Applications for SNAP Academy.

  1. Application Process

    1. Bursary application process for SNAP Academy

    Parents should submit a letter detailing the background of the child and intervention required, their need for funding, income and expenditure statement, as well as proof of income (3 months bank statements and salary slip) to the SNAP Governing Body Bursary Committee. Any application will be subject to the availability of surplus funds once the budgeted operational expenses of the school have been paid and in the sole discretion of the Governing Body’s Bursary Committee.

    1.1.1. In making a final decision towards the allocation of funding, SNAP Academy further considers the participation of parents at fundraising and other events during the school year. Points for involvement are accumulated as follows – see criteria:

Parent Involvement Programme

  1. Criteria


    For a joint net income below R5k per household 20 points
    For a joint net income between R5k and R10k per household 15 points
    For a joint net income between R10k and R20k per household 10 points
    For a joint net income above R20 k per household 5 points

    Attendance of meetings:

    • Orientation meeting 5 points
    • Annual General Meeting 10 points
    • Parent Report meeting 5 points

    Availability as class representative 10 points

    Events participation

    • Child participation where relevant 5 points per event
    • Parent’s assistance with arrangements 5 points per event
    • Parent’s assistance with ticket sales 10 points per table
    • Parent’s assistance with prizes 10 points per prize
    • Parent’s attendance at events 10 points per event

    Participation in the SNAP Academy fundraisers

    • Brick Wall 5 points
    • Raffles 5 points
    • Fourth term fundraiser 5 points
    • Drive Through 5 points

  2. Record

    The duly appointed fundraiser will be required to keep a written record of points.

    1.1.2 Parents are required to submit a written application by the end of October each year to be considered for bursaries for the next year.
    1.1.3 The SNAP Academy Bursary Committee will review the applications together with a weighted average of the points allocated and the Chairman of the Bursary Committee will inform the applicant in writing of the outcome.
    1.1.4 The SNAP Academy Bursary committee shall be entitled to evaluate the bursaries awarded (if any) on a monthly basis, taking into consideration the criteria.
    1.1.5 Bursaries will be credited to the child’s account on a monthly basis only.

    2. Ticket Sales

    Over and above awarded bursaries for children who require financial assistance, parents who assist in selling tickets for fundraising events will also be incentivised per event. Each event will carry its own merits in terms of allocated free seats for e.g. a free seat at the Gala Fundraiser, an entry into a lucky draw and will be communicated when information about the event is sent out to the parent database.



Our Team

The Bursary Committee

Salome Smit
SNAP Academy Principal
Salomé is the Head Principal of SNAP Academy (Grade 0 - Grade 7).
Dalene Swart
Chairperson, Fundraiser
Dalene is SNAP's Fundraiser and also in charge of Marketing and PRO
Natheema Toffar
Vice-Chairperson, Parent
Natheema service on the SNAP Support Board, the Governing Body and also Class Reps Liaisons.