SNAP Academy offers schooling from Grade 0 – Grade 7. We also have an Independent Education Plan (IEP) class for children who are not able to follow the CAPS curriculum.

We offer our children a main stream CAPS curriculum but adapt it to the child’s specific needs. For example children who cannot write, can type words on a computer or if they cannot speak, they can pack out their words.

Each class has a teacher with a class assistant and certain children have facilitators. We have a busy annual calendar with lots of events where both parents and children are involved.

SNAP Academy

“We develop independence, one child at a time.”

  1. School Prospectus

    Click Here to download the SNAP Academy School Prospectus.

    Download the SNAP Academy Information Pack here.

    For more information please contact Vice-Principal Salome Smit on or Tel. 021-9757224.

  2. Application Process

    To be able to offer a quality education to our SNAP Academy Learners, we depend on regular fee payments of our parents. A regular cash-flow enables us to stay in existence and meet the commitments to our teachers and class assistants.

    For the latest Fee Structure, Application Form and Terms and Conditions, kindly email

    Alternatively, download 2016’s documents below:

    SNAP Academy Fee Structure for 2016

    SNAP Academy Application Form here

    SNAP Academy Terms and Conditions

  3. Medical Forms

    A letter of Diagnosis is needed from a Medical Professional e.g. your child’s Paediatrician or Educational Psychologist, Psychiatrist or Neurologist that states your child’s diagnosis. The Western Cape Education Dept. (WCED) requires this for each child in the school as part of the enrolment process.

    It does not have to be a recent letter. You might be in the position that you had your child assessed a few years back, started on tutoring and then progressed to the school.

    If you have any queries regarding this or if anything is unclear please contact the SNAP Academy Secretary on (021) 975 7224 or email

    Please complete this form where applicable which of the tests, therapies and acticities your child has already received. Please return to your child’s class teacher.

    Download the Medication, Hospital and Emergecy Policy here.

    Download the Medication/Hospitalisation Permission Form here.

    Dowload the Medical Department Form here.

  4. Consent Forms

    Annual Consent/Indemnity Form for School Trips and Activities

    We are attempting to reduce the burden of bureaucracy for parents, the governing body and schools and have proposed a new annual consent form to replace the multiple forms needed currently for activities at school, photographs for purposes of promoting SNAP Academy, school visits and off-site activities. Could you please help by filling in the details below and signing as appropriate? This information will be requested at the beginning of every academic year so that our records are kept up to date. If at any time during the school year you realise that this detail needs amending, particularly concerning medical or contact arrangements, please contact the Secretary on

    Please note the following important information before completing the form below:

    • The trips and activities covered by the consent form include:-
      • Off-site activities outside the school day.
      • Any visit within the Republic of South Africa that is not residential.
      • Any visit within the Republic of South Africa that is not deemed to involve hazardous activities.
    • The school will still send you information about each trip or activity before it takes place.
    • You can, if you wish, tell the school that you do not want your child to take part in any particular school trip or activity.

    Please complete the form if:

    • You are happy for your child to take part in school trips and other activities that take place off the school premises.
    • You are happy for your child to be given first aid or are happy for SNAP to follow urgent medical treatment procedures during any of the above school trips or activities. SNAP will at all times firstly contact you.
    • You are happy for photographs or film of your child to be used in relation to school work or school publicity.

    We thank you for your cooperation in this. You can dowload the Annual Consent/Indemnity Form here.


SNAP Academy teaches the National Curriculum to children on the Autistic Spectrum and children with other special needs. We are an independent school registered at the Western Cape Education Department.

Each class has a maximum of 8-10 children with a teacher and class assistant in each class.

In one class a child might also have a facilitator, in another the computer is used as an aid for writing, certain children will do their work on their iPads and if a child needs a 45% angle to work in order to see better, that is also provided. Children with difficulty writing can also pack out their words and sums instead of writing. Through this process learning is continuously taking place, although the method applied will be what each child needs.

We look back to 18 years ago when SNAP started with one child and one teacher and we thank God for everybody He has sent to us and the progress we have been able to make under His Blessing.

Governing Body

The  SNAP Academy Governing Body has recently been elected.

Chairman – Dr Pieter Roelofse (Parent)
Annalies van Rijswijk (Managing Director)
Gerrie van Gaalen (Parent)
Jacques de Villiers (Parent)
Salomé Smit (Principal)
Natheema Toffar (Parent)
Neil Groenewald (External)

We have some of the most skilled and talented teachers in the industry. They are not only guiding our children, but also assisting our parents. We wish to thank them for their commitment and loyalty.

Class Representatives

General duties:

• You will be the link between SNAP support and the parents in your grade.
• You need to ensure that all the parents in your child’s class are aware of all the events planned for the specific term. The ideal here is to phone them and then send a follow up email.
• You will need to strengthen parent involvement. The duties of the class representative will depend on the particular function.
• Be aware of the class teacher and classroom assistant’s birthday and make sure the rest of the parents in the class also have knowledge of it. Decide how they would celebrate the birthdays.
• Often keep in touch with parents to get support from everyone in class during functions.

30Years Experience in Autism
18Years Experience in Behaviour Therapy

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