The SNAP Support board consists of volunteers that are passionate and dedicated to the special needs of children with autism and other developmental delays.

They convene monthly to plan and execute fundraising events to assist both SNAP Education and SNAP Academy with funds to help children who require either one-on-one intervention or foundation phase schooling.  If you are passionate about children and would like to get involved please email


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    We are a public benefit organisation that currently receives no government funding and continues to rely on the generosity of friends and businesses to support us.

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    You may make your donation via online credit card payment or electronic funds transfer.

    Please feel free to contact our Fundraiser, Dalene Swart at

    Tax rebates certificates are issued for donations received.

    PBO 930035281

  3. Fundraising Policy


    It is in every non-profit’s best interest to engage in practices that raise the bar on accountability and inspire donors’ trust and confidence. Transparency about financial health, use of donated funds, and sources of funding helps to inspire confidence with donors as well as board members and staff.
    All tax-exempt organisations must make certain documents, such as their application for exemption and their audit financial statements, available for public inspection.


    2.1. The statutory vehicle for all fundraising will be SNAP Support Section 21 (Reg.No. 2007/000028/08) registered as a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO 930035281) and Non-Profit Organisation (NPO 064-696-NPO).
    2.2. The funds raised will benefit both SNAP Education and SNAP Academy. The Directors represented on this non-profit board fairly represent both the interests of SNAP Education (Reg. No. 2010/003266/08) and SNAP Academy, a division of SNAP Education.
    2.3. The above excludes any cash or EFT donations deposited directly into SNAP Academy’s or SNAP Education’s bank account for the sole benefit of children registered on the program.


    The official duly appointed fundraisers for SNAP Education and Academy for the current year are EB Consulting. This will be reviewed on an annual basis.


    Funds will be raised by the duly appointed fundraisers via various mechanisms. These include:
    4.1. Events
    4.1.1. The events are planned and executed by SNAP Support and the duly appointed fundraiser is represented on this board as an impartial party who delivers services towards successful execution of the above events.
    4.1.2. In the case of events it is important that all events for the year be booked as part of the SNAP annual calendar and information sent to EB Consulting for loading on the organisations website and social media pages.
    4.1.3. Letters to the parents will be sent from SNAP Support to inform them of these events on a quarterly basis.
    4.1.4. Generally the annual events include: SNAP Gala Fundraiser in April / May SNAP Ladies Tea in June/July SNAP Dance in September SNAP Wine Auction SNAP Walk and other ad hoc awareness events

    4.2. CSI

    These involve applications made to the Corporate Social Investment departments of large organisations and will be made in the name of SNAP Education, of which SNAP Academy is a subsidiary, as this Section 21 company will be able to provide the operational budgets and project detail for which said donated monies will be utilised, subject to the company policy.

    4.3. Awareness Projects

    Certain awareness projects are also undertaken during the year to raise awareness about autism and special needs. Examples of these projects include Water sales, Want ons Kan Concert etc.


    5.1. Funds shall be solicited in a respectful manner and without pressure.
    5.2. All third parties, not duly appointed as directors of SNAP Support, who wish to solicit funds on behalf of the organisation (SNAP Education and/or SNAP Academy) or a specific child must acquire written permission from the SNAP Education (Managing Director) and/or the Chairperson of the SNAP Academy governing body, prior to beginning any fundraising activities.
    5.3. Any written or visual communication or documentation (including letters) to be sent out on behalf of a specific child should be approved by EB Consulting (duly appointed fundraiser) and signed off by a director of SNAP Support.
    5.4. In the case of an event, a budget needs to be submitted for approval to SNAP Support prior to any expenses being undertaken.
    5.5. A bank reconciliation is due within 30 days after the completion of the event, unless a reason for any delay is communicated in writing to the duly appointed bookkeeper.
    5.6. No cash will be accepted and funds should be paid into the SNAP Support Bank Account, ABSA Bank, Acc. 9209 260 329.
    5.7. Donor designated restrictions on contributions shall be honoured.
    5.8. Contributions made to SNAP Support are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Written tax receipts for donations reflecting in the SNAP Support bank account, shall be issued upon request.
    5.9. For any donations reflecting in the SNAP Support bank account, official tax rebate receipts may be issued by the duly appointed fundraiser from the official tax receipt book of SNAP Support and should be signed by the Managing Director of SNAP. These receipts will only be issued upon written request and should contain the name of the donor, physical address, date of donation and purpose of donation.
    5.10. For any donations deposited into the bank account of SNAP Education the tax receipt will be issued by SNAP Education from the official tax receipt book of SNAP Education and signed by the Managing Director.
    5.11. Both these tax receipt books are submitted to the appointed auditor for auditing purposes on a yearly basis.


    6.1. Both SNAP Education and SNAP Academy should submit a budget towards the end of each year in order for SNAP Support to do their planning for funds required for the following year.
    6.2. The beneficiaries of SNAP Support funds will always be SNAP Education and SNAP Academy and the amounts transferable to each entity will be dependent on the funds raised and needs of the entity at the specific point in time as decided by the SNAP Education directors or SNAP Governing Body Members.
    6.3. A 50 / 50 split is not advised as SNAP Education might have a larger or specific funding need at a certain point in time than SNAP Academy and vice versa.


    7.1. Requests for funding by either SNAP Education or SNAP Academy should be made to the SNAP Support board, which convene on a monthly basis.
    7.2. At this meeting a decision will be ratified and minuted to transfer the required funds to the nominated beneficiaries’ bank account. The minutes are available at the offices of the duly appointed fundraiser, currently being EB Consulting (7 Slanghoek, Welgevonden Estate, Durbanville) for scrutiny by any member of the public.
    7.3. The minutes of the meeting will be sent to the bookkeeper who will transfer the funds into the nominated bank account.


    S SMIT (Bursary Committee)
    N TOFFAR (Bursary Committee)
    E BRINK (Bursary Committee)

    OCTOBER 2014

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SNAP Support Directors

The SNAP Support board consists of volunteers that are passionate and dedicated to the special needs of children with autism and other developmental delays.

They convene monthly to plan and execute fundraising events to assist both SNAP Education and SNAP Academy with funds to help children who require either one-on-one intervention or foundation phase schooling.

Dalene Swart – Chairman and SNAP Fundraiser (
Natheema Toffar – Vice-Chairman and Class Liaison & Parent
Ria de Klerk – Treasurer & Parent
Justine Quinn – Secretary & Parent
Salome Smit – SNAP Academy Principal
Annalies van Rijswijk – MD and Founder SNAP
Ranjana Francis – Workshop Tutor
Annelize van Gaalen – Parent
Wilna Mechanic – Parent

Sponsor a child

SNAP Support is constantly thinking of new ways to raise funds to help children whose families cannot afford intervention. If you would like to get involved with the progress of a specific child, please contact Dalene Swart at We thank you for making a considerable difference towards an immense task.

Parents can also apply for once off funding or for their children to be placed on the beneficiary list. To apply please send a letter with the background of your child, the reason why funding is required, proof of income for the past 3 months (salary slip or bank statements) and list of expenses and send this to Dalene Swart on


Our Team

Who’s behind the scenes?

Annalies van Rijswijk
Managing Director
Annalies is the founder of SNAP and Managing Director.
Salome Smit
SNAP Academy Principal
Salomé is the Head Principal of SNAP Academy (Grade 0 - Grade 7).
Dalene Swart
Chairperson, Fundraiser
Dalene is SNAP's Fundraiser and also in charge of Marketing and PRO
Natheema Toffar
Vice-Chairperson, Parent
Natheema service on the SNAP Support Board, the Governing Body and also Class Reps Liaisons.
Ria de Klerk
Treasurer, Parent
Ria brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the SNAP Support Board and serves as our Treasurer.
Justine Quinn
Secretary, Parent
Justine serves on the SNAP Support Board as our Secretary and always keeps the spirits high with her super positive nature.
Annalize van Gaalen
SNAP Support, Parent
Annalize serves on the SNAP Support Board and is an absolute jewel with her support to any Event.
Ranjana Francis
SNAP Support, Tutor
Ranjan "Ranji" serves with passion on the SNAP Support Board and is a vital link between the Board and the children of SNAP.
Wilna Mechanic
SNAP Support, Parent
Wilna serves with passion on the SNAP Support Board and plays a vital role with planning and executing an Event.

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