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SNAP caters for the special educational needs of learners with Autism and/or Specific Learning Disabilities or Challenges.

Services we offer

Services we offer

About Us

In 2007 the need for a school was identified for those learners who have made sufficient progress to work in a group environment and follow the National Curriculum, but not quite ready for integration into a mainstream environment yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

2 hour consultations are done by our Director and founder of SNAP, Annalies van Rijswijk. It includes a meeting with parents/guardians to discuss the needs of their child and an assessment is done with the child.
No, SNAP cannot formally diagnose any child. A child does not have to be diagnosed with Autism to attend SNAP tutoring or school.
SNAP Lite is a 1 hour one on one session done in the week or on Saturdays. Parents can book sessions as they want or need without a contract.
Parents and/or teachers can contact the SNAP Centre and ask for training about a certain topic, e.g. teaching my child how to read or do math’s. SNAP will put training together specific to your needs either in person or on Zoom.

Yes, Annalies van Rijswijk travels within South Africa and internationally to help families at their homes for 1 or 2 weeks.


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