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What is Autism?

Autism is a neurological disorder affecting brain function, resulting in a developmental delay. Some of the common signs include deficits in social interaction, communication, reasoning and sensory processing. It is usually diagnosed between 3-10 years but in some cases as early as 18 months. If you see warning signs in your child, do not wait for a formal diagnosis but start intervention as soon as possible. Symptoms can range from Pervasive Development Delay, Aspergers, High Functioning Autism to Classic Autism. Early intervention from a young age can help obvious mannerisms fade away.

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Parents are seen by our director, Annalies van Rijswijk, and given emotional support in making decisions about the child’s immediate future. Practical advice and guidance on how to deal with the child’s difficult behaviours, questions of family and friends and future decisions are given.

During a 2 hour session the child is evaluated and the parents share their concerns and problems. Contact us for costs.

Help improve developmental delays one-on-one.

When a child starts on the SNAP Programme it is highly recommended that one-on-one intervention is given by way of tutoring to help improve developmental delays the children often struggle with. SNAP’s holistic approach incorporates principles such as Applied Behaviour Analysis, TEACHH, RDI, PECS and many more are incorporated in every program.

Each child receives an individualised tutoring program designed specific to their needs, to address all areas of development. The program is monitored and upgraded by a team of Program Managers.

Junior prep – Grade 7

SNAP Academy offers Junior Prep to Grade 7 with a maximum of 8 children per class. Staff includes a teacher and one teachers assistant. SNAP Academy uses a mainstream CAPS Curriculum which is adapted for the special needs of our learners.

Additional classes:

  • Senior Bridging Skills Class
  • IEP (Independent Education Program)
  • Distance Learning


  • Homework program (after school)
  • Aftercare
  • Holiday Program at no additional costs for holidays in March, June and October.
  • Learner Support Intervention Centre
  • Little Leaders
  • Computer Literacy
  • Photography sessions
  • Physical Training (“PT” sessions)

Extra Mural Services

  • Music box
  • Playball
  • Swimming
  • Speech Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Doctors, specialists and therapists etc.

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Local and international.

Due to the great need and the very limited help available for children on the Autism spectrum the SNAP centre offers distance TUTORING AND TRAINING. The DISTANCE PROGRAM provides parents and caregivers the opportunity to receive training in working with their children and dealing with developmental, behavioural, social, emotional and sensory challenges. The parents work hand-in-hand with a trained tutor.

Every child is assessed and receives a program to address his or her challenges with which the parents can continue working at home. Long-distance support and program upgrades are provided by a program manager. Families from all over South Africa have benefited from SNAP Distance Training Programs.

SNAP Lite is an affordable intervention program offering one- and two-hour session during the week and on Saturdays. It is compulsory for parents and/or caregivers to attend the sessions with the child so that what has been started at SNAP can be continued at home. Parents can book SNAP Lite sessions as and when they wish to.

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SNAP Lite packages are also available.

SNAP offers regular courses throughout the year as well as customized training where necessary:

  • Facilitators Training
  • Customized Training for parents and teachers.
  • Online Training

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